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5 Things You Will Not Tolerate in 2023

    1. I won't tolerate a cubicle.

    I just won't work in one. I might die broke and on the street, but that'd be better than a slow, painful death in a cubicle.

    2. I won't tolerate violence (physical or verbal).

    I recently had to deal with a verbal threat on my life. I contacted the authorities and it was dealt with.

    American culture glorifies violence.

    One example: American football. Look at the countless millions of people who tune in every Sunday to watch these modern gladiators battle on the gridiron. I played football for many years, and I still root for the Giants. But this is just one example of many ways in which violence is glorified in our culture.

    Another example: Ice hockey. In ice hockey, if you have an issue with a player on the other team, often, it's settled through a fist fight. This is one of the selling points for professional ice hockey.

    Another example: Boxing and MMA. I'm a huge boxing fan....so I guess I'm a hypocrite in this regard. I guess we're all hypocrites to some extent.

    Another example: movies, tv shows ,and video games. According to one study, around 90 percent of American children have had some exposure to violent video games, and more than half prefer violent video games to nonviolent ones. As for movies, gun violence occurs, on average, more than twice per hour in the average best-selling Hollywood film. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the National TV Study found that two thirds of all TV shows contain violence, and violent acts occur about every six minutes of program content. This means that by age 18, American youth have witnessed 16,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence on TV alone.

    3. I won't tolerate hoarding or disorganized living.

    I grew up with a family of hoarders in a disorganized home. Studies have shown that it's genetic. And when I think back to my grandparents home, it makes sense. When your home is disorganized, the foundation for your life is disorganized.

    4. Disrespect for boundaries

    Disrespect for the boundaries you set for yourself and those in your life can happen in several ways. With the proliferation of technology, many bosses expect their employees to be available at all hours of the day. Many people assume if you don't respond within 15 minutes to their digital communication, that you quit, got fired, or died. This expectation is wrong and unhealthy. Another example of a boundary being crossed is asking someone to refrain from gossiping about others with you, and they continue to try to get you to join in the gossip. The truth is, we've all crossed a boundary that someone has set, most times without purposely doing so. But once a boundary has been set, if someone continually crosses it, even after being reminded not to do so, that is behavior that mustn't be tolerated.

    5. Fear of change

    Change is constant. If you're not on board with it, you'll get left behind.

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