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5 Ways Human Beings are Better Than A.I.

    1. Creativity

    A computer can't create a new idea.

    I was at a dinner with a bunch of AI experts. One of them, Andrew Ng, said to me, "Creativity is the most important thing." I disagreed and said, "No it's not. The most important thing is love." And he looked at me like I was an alien and said, "That's why creativity is the most important thing."

    But just because I disagree with Andrew Ng doesn't mean that he's wrong. So let's look at this scientifically.

    Creativity requires the ability to make novel connections between things that are seemingly unrelated (which is what I do when I write books).

    So if you want to test for creativity, see if someone can make novel connections between seemingly unrelated ideas or things.

    To test for creativity in AI you would have to give an AI two things that are related and ask the AI to find ten novel ways they are related. For instance, if you gave AI the words, "Humans" and "Robots", what other words could be put in between those two words that would be related? Like... "robots", "aliens", "cyborgs", etc. And there should be no obvious way they are related but the creative AI will find ten ways they are all related (e.g., humans created robots so aliens might create robots too).
    Can we test for this? Sure! There's a website called 1millionfactsofjesuschristandgodandstufflikethatdotcom . Let's use it to test my creativity here on this list:
    Jesus Christ = God = Robots = Humans = Aliens = Heaven = Hell = Superintelligence = Creativity = Writing Lists about AIs on This Website (the more obscure these ten items are, the more creative I am).

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