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5 Ways to Build Confidence in Your Nervous Dog


    1. Structure

    Structure has a different connotation to a dog than it does to a human.

    We can agree that too much structure isn't good for people, but dogs thrive off of it and find their security and confidence through it.

    Using a routine and teaching your dog words that go with action every time will help build structure.

    2. Crate Training

    Think of it as a bedroom, but for your dog. It's a great place to just hang out or decompress with appropriate use. For a dog that has anxiety, this is key! Believe me, it's not mean. Humans are hung up on it's mean.

    If you're in introvert you can understand this concept far faster than the extrovert that happens to have gotten a dog that needs some introverted care taking! Even extroverts need a safe place to retreat at times. Always remember, what's coming at your dog is way more these days then a dog signed up for... it is for us too. We're all trying to deal with the amount of information coming at us, all the things we've got to get done to survive a day and sifting through what's important to give our attention to and what isn't.

    Think of it as a sanctuary for dogs. They are in fact den oriented.

    3. Leadership

    Your dog is maneuvering through a human world the best they know how. However, it can be scary for them and hard to make clear decisions in the complex world we live in. You are in charge of that for your dog and your dog knowing that will build your bond.

    4. Proper Introductions

    Whether it's people, dogs, toys, the car, your dog must be introduce to it properly. Make sure it take things at their pace, which will vary for all dogs. Some dogs are social. Some aren't. A balanced approach versus a forced approach is the key to vitality and truly enjoying this life. *This is where as a Dog Life Advisor and Calming the Chaos Coaching can really help!

    5. Patience

    Avoid getting upset when you dog messes up. Believe me in this life we are creating with them, they want to understand us as much as we want to understand them. We tend to wind into an underlying anxiety when things don't go right. When you can take a step back, practice fundamentals and realize that building confidence in anything your dog does takes the pressure off and adds the fun back in.

    6. Calming the Chaos

    If you're looking for a life where you have a little more fun, where you let go of the anxiety that's building in our very busy lives, and you have a dog that you can literally do life unleashed with... join me here: Dog Life Unleashed

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