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Matt Ventre


5 Ways to Reframe or Refilter An Old Experience

In order to get what you want out of life, sometimes you have to reconsider how you approach it. That doesn't mean settle, put up with crap, or waste your time. But, when you find something worthwhile, don't discount it because you "just can't".


    1. Consider How In Control You Are

    If you're in control of your time and energy, any situation becomes manageable. You can say "no" to meaningless meetings with authority. You can ask for things and get results. Another "no" means nothing to you. You're in control. You choose how to feel about the situation.

    2. Think About How Easy it Is to Walk Away

    This says more about your negotiating position than anything, but if you're able to say "nah, I don't need this" then you're well, in control, and your frame is yours to do with as you please.

    3. Remember It's Not Permanent

    Again, don't waste your time, but also remember that discomfort only lasts so long. It'll end, and so will your discomfort.

    4. Reframe It as An Opportunity to Help

    Sometimes when you're in the midst of a sticky situation (job, contract, project, etc.) you can get bogged down in thinking about how awful it is, how the people around you might be making it worse, etc. Let it go. Frame it as a chance to help someone: maybe those same people who you feel are getting in your way actually just need a hand and POOF they'll be right back out of your way.

    5. It's an Exchange of Energy

    If your time and energy are being duly compensated by energy in the form of money, you're good. The trick is to work that equation so your energy output gathers a disproportionate amount of energy return in the form of either money or other types of energy (Happiness, strength, fitness, etc.) If you can economize that process, you will win that exchange every time.

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