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9 ways to stop overthinking

The more you overthink The less you get work done.

Infact, the best way to start anything.

Wrong answers only:

  • Wait until you have it all figured out.
  • Keep asking for permission to take any step forward
  • Think short-term and quit with any challenge.

In reality, overthinking is NOT a hobby. It rather steals time and energy away from you.

Stopping overthinking would improve your mood, sleep, results and take your closer to your goals.

9 steps to stop overthinking

    1. Get in the habit of Brainstorming "important" ideas

    Create a list of things that you are overthinking about and categorize them by how important they are.

    Then, for each category, brainstorm a few possible solutions.

    "Life is hard & it rarely gets easier. Don’t make it harder on yourself by always living inside your head. Stop overthinking, judging, analyzing every little thing. Get out of your head & lean into the moments that matter. Trust your instincts & everything else falls into place!" - Coach Jon Beck.

    2. Stretch your mind

    Consider learning something of interest that's new to you. Just refrain from dwelling and entertaining repetitious mental loops.

    Critical thinking teaches us to try to break that cycle and consciously try to see beyond the negative, search for positives, for understanding.

    Change your perspective and look at things from a different angle.

    3. Practice Mindfulness and meditation

    Mindfulness and meditation would help you to become more present in the moment and better able to control your thoughts.

    Mindfulness would also help you realize when you're using things as a form of distraction instead of getting to work.

    4. Get control of your thoughts

    Make a conscious effort to become aware of your thoughts and redirect your focus when you find yourself overthinking.

    Understand the difference between productive and unproductive worrying, and only allow the former into your mind space.

    Keep a journal and write down your thoughts so you can see them objectively.

    5. Do something active

    Break a sweat, redirect your focus on physicality. Do something active.

    It's a temporary fix for the harsher mental breaking points.

    I take the longest walk when I'm overthinking as i combine with brainstorming ideas.

    6. Take action

    ‘Act your way into thinking’ ie: action instead of Rumination.

    Instead of a random fear something its not going to work - how about starting it first?

    Things will get easier once you get started, and you will find your own flow.

    Doing everything you can to keep going when you meet challenges by asking smart questions and seeing how far you can generate results from action.

    Everything you want potentially in the future are created in the action of now not ruminating over the past.

    7. Brainstorm with others

    Talk to someone else about what is causing you to worry or feel stressed - sometimes just talking it out can help it feel less overwhelming.

    8. Breathe

    Make time for breathing deep and properly no matter how stressed you feel.

    Breathe through it & think of the bigger picture

    9. Let Go

    Let go of perfection in outcomes, learn to accept that you cannot control everything and let go of the need to be perfect.

    Let go of unforgiveness in your relationships.

    I know of a friend that was hurt physically and all he thinks is Revenge. But with the unique category of the case - revenge is the longest and most unproductive activity of his time.

    To crush overthinking, pray and leave it in God’s hands.

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