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50 loci for my memory lessons

I've been taking memory lessons from a former world memory champion (Simon Reinhard). My first lesson was last week and I made a list here last week to summarize what I learned.

For my homework I had to figure out a place with 50 locations and a path connecting the locations. The idea is that if I were to memorize things I'd put each item I am trying to remember in one of the locations.

In our first lesson, I had a mental image of a place with 10 locations and I used that to memorize a list of ten words he showed me.

Simon told me that most people use locations they are familiar with. But you can also use other ideas, like scenes in a movie.

So I'm going to use 50 scenes from Star Wars and use the plot as the "path" to connect the locations. In each idea below I'm going to write about three "locations" / scenes.

    1. The ship Leia is in, Luke looking at the sunset, Luke's aunt and uncle's place

    2. Place where Luke buys R2D2 and C3PO, path where Obi-Wan saves Luke, Luke's room where he sees the holograph of Leia

    3. the cantina, part of the cantina where Han shoots the bounty hunter, right outside the MIllenium Falcon, in the Millenial Falcon in the front.

    4. In the back of the MIllenial Falcon where they are playing 3D chess, and the place where Luke is first learning the llght saber, Ben sensing Alderan is gone

    5. Where they land at the Death Star, the cell where Leia is kept, the place where Obi-Wan does his thing, the room where C3PO and R2D2 are,the place where Vader and Obi Wan fight.

    6. asteroid field, the moon where the rebels are hiding, the class where they are getting their instructions

    7. flying into the death star, the millenium falcon hitting Darth Vader, Luke firing the kill shot

    8. Obi-Wan saying "use the force" ,Darth Vader flying off, The award ceremony.

    9. Hmm, that's only 23 locations. Maybe I'll add in Empire strikes back.

    10. Hoth, Flying to Dagobah, The swamp they land in, meeting yoda

    11. Yoda levitating the ship, the cave where he fights "darth", yoda and ben talking "there is another"

    12. landau's cloud planet, the area where they meet darth vader, han solo being frozen,

    13. Darth vader telling like he's luke's father. Luke hanging from the building, Millenium Falcon picking Luke up

    14. Luke getting his hand fixed.

    15. Jabba's lair, Luke outside the door in full jedi gear, R2D2 shooting the saber to Luke

    16. Dagobah yoda dying, Darth Vader talking to the emperor, the Admiral telling everyone the plans to attack.

    17. Ewoks, Luke leaving the Ewoks and telling Leia she's his sister, Han and Leia manipulating the Ewoks into helping them,

    18. Luke fighting Darth, the Emperor saying "use your anger", Darth saying, "sister!"

    19. Darth throwing the Emperor down the thing, Luke burying Darth, the force ghosts

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