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59-Year-Old Sentenced: Insanity or Divine Justice? (3 min 30 sec)

A 59-year-old man was recently sentenced to 7 life sentences plus 20 years.

Insanity or not?

What did he do, you wonder?

Answer: It doesn't matter because God mandates that all mistakes ("crimes") are opportunities for correction and right perception, not punishment.

Who are we to assume a role that God would never play? The role of judge and jury?

One unkind and unloving act begets another, perpetuating the cycle of fear, judgment, and punishment endlessly.

59-Year-Old Sentenced: Insanity or Divine Justice? (3 min 30 sec)

    1. Punishment undermines the very concept of divine forgiveness, which lies at the heart of God's divine plan.

    2. God's infinite love renders the need for punishment obsolete, as God tirelessly seeks reconciliation and healing for all beings.

    3. God's nature is rooted in pure love and boundless compassion.

    4. Punishment implies a longing for vengeance and retribution, which contradicts the very nature of God.

    5. God's purpose is to gently guide and uplift humanity, not inflicting unnecessary suffering.

    6. Punishment runs counter to the core principles of unconditional love that defines God's being.

    7. God's wisdom lies in the transformative power of correcting mistakes, not perpetuating a cycle of punishment.

    8. Punishment fixates on past actions, while God's eternal nature transcends the limitations of time itself.

    9. God's mercy and grace allow for redemption and second chances, not eternal condemnation.

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