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6 Ideas For Simplifying Your Life

    1. Don't answer the phone.

    The first time I ever did this was in 2006. A friend of mine calls me at 9 am on a Monday morning. He was in a panic because he had just gotten a new job and his boss was pressuring him to get off the phone. I said, "I'm hanging up." And he got very upset and kept saying, "No, no! Don't hang up!" But I did and it felt great. Since then, anytime someone has called me and I didn't want to talk to them (and that's most people) I simply say, "I'm not interested in talking right now" and hang up. It's amazing how often they call back within five minutes (which is why you should never do this) but when they do call back you can say, "Oh sorry, I thought you were someone else," or something like that and it works for everyone involved. The person who called gets closure (they know you're not mad at them) and you don't have to talk to anyone ever again if you don't want to. This is especially useful for your children or spouse but also for your boss or clients if they are pressuring you with phone calls during work hours.

    2. Don't read email first thing in the morning

    When I worked at HBO there would be emails from my boss waiting for me every single morning at 7 am when I came into work. Why? Because he wanted me to make him look good by doing things before everyone else even got into work so he could take credit for it later on when higher ups were around (this is a universal strategy among bosses). So instead of getting sucked into his vortex of control issues every day, i started getting up an hour earlier than everyone else so that i could go through all my emails then without feeling pressured by his email addiction issues. And since then nobody has been able to control me! Unless they are reading this article right now...

    3. Make lists instead of writing journal entries

    Every day when I wake up I write down what happened the day before in my journal before anything else happens that day. This helps me remember details about what happened on any given day so that later on in life (when I am senile) I can look back on these journals and figure out what happened during my life time (or at least some part of it). However, after about 10 years of doing this every single day it became very boring reading over the same old stuff every single day so eventually i stopped even reading my own journals after awhile because there was nothing new there anymore. Instead of writing journal entries every morning, make lists instead about what happened yesterday as well as future plans for each area of your life: health, career/business/money making opportunities, relationships with friends/family/spouse(s), spiritual growth opportunities, etc.. Lists are much more interesting than journal entries because they change daily whereas journals tend to be more static unless you are writing fiction which makes them much more interesting than lists but still not as interesting as novels written by other people using their imagination instead of facts from their lives which is why we love novels so much more than lists even though lists contain all the ingredients needed for a novel except the last one listed: imagination

    4. Order food online

    This doesn't really simplify your life but it will save money by avoiding restaurants altogether if eating out is something that drains your bank account each month (which it usually does). There are many websites where you can order food online from restaurants near you and have them deliver it straight to your doorsteps (or doorstep depending on how far away from home those restaurants happen to be). You can even use services like Caviar or Uber

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