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John Herr


6 sentences to NEVER say in a sales conversation

If you want to dive deeper into advanced sales techniques and 2x-10x your commission earnings.

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    1. ❌ What's it gonna take for you to buy my product today? ✅John, would this be a potential solution for you?

    2. ❌ I'm just following up / I'm just checking in. ✅ Hey John, It's Jeremy, I just had time to get back to you.

    3. ❌ I'm so sorry that I'm late. ✅I appreciate your patience. I'm just a little bit behind schedule.

    4. ❌Go ahead and sign the contract here... ✅Just need you to authorize the agreement...

    5. ❌You should go with us because XYZ. ✅Well, you know...I'm not quite sure that you should yet. I'd need to learn a bit more to see if we can actually help you.

    6. ❌What do you want to think about? ✅Before I leave…..what were you wanting to go over in your mind, just so I know what questions you might have when we talk tomorrow?

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