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♏ 6 Things About Scorpio

The height of the season of decay comes the scorpion! Usually seen as the most intense and mysterious of the signs (and usually this just means sexy haha).


    1. Intriguing

    Perplexing and mysterious to all those watching in appearance, body language, voice, and even presence. There seems to be an aura that acts as a warning sign about the danger they might encounter with such a person.

    Too bad that sometimes warnings only make things more alluring! This can become very unwelcome attention for someone who might be trying to go under the radar and keep to themselves.

    2. Relentless

    Often seen as never wavering when it comes to seeking their target. Worse still for those who have wronged them, for they can embody the meaning of vengeance. If not an iron will in a fantastic clash, then at least a persistent drilling, scraping, and teasing until they can break through, much like a drop of poison working its way through every cell. It's as if not even death could stop them, like a scorpion still managing to inject toxins through its stinger to its enemylong after its body has been crushed.

    This obsessive nature can achieve many things, but often at the cost of one's own body, mind, and soul. Sometimes the self-sacrifice may seem worth it, but make sure it truly is.

    3. Calculating

    When having such an intense nature, it is prudent to map out the why and the how and the worth of the path being chosen. To be able to see through not only one's own plans but the plans and mindsets of others becomes a game to play. Like a carefully laid out board of chess pieces or hand of poker, there are many steps ahead to plan while never revealing one's intentions if one wants to survive long enough to savour success.

    This can come accross as cold and inhuman to those on the outside, as no one may truly know the amount of sacrifice, heartbreak, and restraint being undertaken to reach a goal.

    4. Intense

    A little bit more than just moody, as emotions run deep and can be roiling, heavy, and piercing all the while trying to maintain some semblance of control. Love, hate, despair, and anger doesn't even scratch the surface when describing what is barely being contained within. Even the most joyous emotions can feel overwhelming to channel, and one can feel chained to or helpless to their moods and thoughts.

    How is a human body able to bear all this intensity of emotion, let alone the idea of suffering? This sometimes leads to venting and acting out in equally intense ways, not all of which are acceptable or possible without harm. Make sure to channel such energy, focused like a laser, into productive or safe avenues, as it can be fatal to others or even the self.

    5. Manipulative

    Not always content to just sit by the sidelines when things aren't going right, but also willing to get hands dirty and pull strings or people along to fulfill their desires even if it means going wrong. If it takes a lie, some force, or some seduction, then that's what it takes. Adept at using power in both overt and subtle ways to achieve any ambitions.

    Although incredibly powerful, this can make for many enemies and many karmic debts to later pay. It is often better to make allies altrusitic than it is to just eliminate enemies.

    6. Incisive

    Having the ability to see through so much and feel so deeply often leads to great insight into the world--nature and human nature. It could be secrets of the elites, the taboo, or even the occult. Many fear and respect those with access to knowledge and wisdom that most wouldn't even dare think about, let alone seek answers for.

    This knowledge and insight often came at a great cost, whether by being a victim, voyeur, or perpetrator. Having insight to the depths of depravity or the heights of enlightenment can truly transform a person for good or bad, and it takes willpower to not be swallowed up by the abyss one looks into.

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