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6 things I’ve learned from Naval on happiness.

    1. "A calm mind, a fit body and a house full of love. These thinks can not be bought, they need to be earned"

    Whatever money you have, you can not buy it. The path is the same for everyone. It requires self-reflection, effort, and patience. We all look after it and we are equal in this search.

    2. "Happiness is the absence of external desires"

    I have developed a concept around this idea. I even gave it a small name IG/FG 😀.

    I have “Infinite Growth” goals for the non-material part of my life (e.g., happiness).

    I have “Finite Growth” goals for the material, the financial part. Money is just a tool that helps me to live my life on my terms.

    3. "Happiness is a decision and a skill"

    It changes our view and how to behave when we consider it a decision and a skill. We are 100% responsible for it.

    4. "Happiness is internal success. Hapinness is an internal activity"

    You can not compare it. You can not compete with someone else. When you reach it, you won’t take anything to someone else. It’s the opposite of the traditional zero-sum game.

    5. "In any situation in life you have three choices, change it, accept it, leave it…"

    Test it with one of your actual complicated situations and try to apply this idea.

    6. "Impatience with actions, patience with results"

    I’m impatient. I’ve just discovered that it could be helpful in some situations. 😀
    Consistency doesn’t reward linearly. It compounds with time and pays exponentially. So be impatient with your actions and patient with the results.

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