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6 Ways Self-Help Books, Workshops & Conferences Don't Help

Have you ever gone to a Tony Robin-esque conference to be incredibly pumped up and ready to take on the entire world to then go back home after the event to feel even more depressed. Here's maybe why ....

    1. Motivation is easy. Inspiration is hard.

    When you read a book or attend events they act as a motivator - you get all pumped up and ready to go to ultimately fall short in taking the next step - and that's action. Inspiration on the other hand comes from being inspired ENOUGH to want to put in the effort to make something happen for yourself.

    2. You Don't Really Need Improvement

    We don't really need improving. I think we're all pretty good the way we are. What we need is some further insight around what could shift our thinking in a way that will have us getting out of our own way - making things happen - not letting fear get in the way. Basically, we just need to do stuff that we want to be doing.

    3. The Hype is a Temporary Rush

    Yeah, this is a drag. Truly after you read that motivating book or attend that great conference it tends to leave you even more frustrated or perhaps depressed then when you started IF you don't put what you learned into practice.

    Disclaimer - I'm not sucking up here, but one of the BEST books I've read (in fact in one sitting because it was really good) is James Altucher's book SKIP THE LINE.

    Why? Because James always shares his ideas. He doesn't leave you hanging, or trying to figure sh*t out - he offers a lot of GREAT ideas. He shares his experiences in a way that helps. His books are not (in my opinion) in the 'self-help' category. He's not assuming you're an idiot. He makes you really think. And that's awesome.

    4. It's Better To Find Accountability Partners

    Decide what steps you want to take toward something that gives you energy - that you're interested in, and find an accountability group or another person - hey, or even use this community here on NOTEPD to make yourself accountable - and start taking micro steps toward what you want. It could be many things and yet tackle one thing at a time. Accountability partners help you to stay focused.

    5. It's an Excuse Not To Do The Work

    The thing is ... you still need to do the work. Reading, workshops and events unless they offer a practical application, is passive. Over doing the books etc. is a form of procrastination. It's easy to live in someone else's head.

    6. Spinning Your Wheels

    There comes a time when you need to put down the self-help books and conferences and start doing what gives you energy - forget finding your passion - that's too complicated - just figure out what depletes you and what energizes you, and you'll discover what inspires you to take action.

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