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7 Dog Personality Descriptions That Aren't Cute or Smart

7 Dog Personality Descriptions That Aren't Cute or Smart

    1. Obliging

    This is the dog that could be described as docile. They do what you want and live to please you. They often are submissive. You look at them, they roll over and hoping for a quick pet. No jumping whining or freaking out at people. They can take or leave other dogs in play but definitely are not reactive.

    2. Trainable

    Some dogs love to learn. They typically like treats, but will learn new things to do just for your attention. This dog is most often described as "smart" and in fact they are. Often they fall in the working dog category. The trainable dog doesn't override learning with a strong prey drive.

    3. Social

    Most people want a social dog. Its preferable over the dog who reacts and is difficult to deal with around other dogs or people. Too much of anything isn't always a good thing though. Dogs who are overly social often don't know when to stop. It's like the person who talks over everyone at a family gathering. The one who requires your attention and will do anything to get it.

    A social dog is good. Teaching boundaries may be the biggest challenge but you've got a great life with a dog who likes every living being they meet.

    4. Persistent

    Some dogs just don't want to stop. Again this can be a good thing. If you've got a dog that gets persistent about figuring out a problem or how to get what it wants, you've got a great one to apply training to. However, if you've got one that's demanding and does things like bark at you non stop to get your attention it can be frustrating. Most likely they are persistent at a lot of things.

    Giving a dog like this a good job, like getting all the frozen goodies off of a lick mat while you are on a zoom call works too.

    A persistent dog needs balance.

    A persistent dog needs a job.

    If you have a persistent dog you might do well trying out Calming the Chaos for 30 days!

    5. Bulletproof

    This is not literal... it's a term trainers use for dogs who simply are not bothered by anything. I had a personal dog that was this way. She was a Yellow Lab. Nothing bothered her. Nothing. She could tolerate noises, new places, kids pulling on her ears (I don't condone it and used it as a teaching tool in what to not let the kids do) but still, nothing bothered her. I flew her across and ocean in a crate on a plane. She came off the large animal baggage roller in her crate with a huge smile on her face ready for the next adventure. Water, snow, rain, sun, it did not matter. She was happy.

    When I lost her to hemangiosarcoma I was devastated. I was lucky to have her.

    6. Exuberant

    This is the puppy turned dog that remains bouncy and playful all the time. They are happy to do almost anything and go for it with gusto. Exuberant dogs may need some impulse control help, but for the most part they are super fun to be around. They are a much better match for active people than sedentary people.

    7. Sensitive

    Dogs who are sensitive often have problems with anxiety. They are far from the bulletproof dog. If you get upset with them they look as thought the end of the world is upon them. They can be effected by noises, new situations. Sensitive dogs usually come into the world that way, though it can be impressed upon them particularly in their early years.

    Sensitive dogs need help with building confidence, a way to drop anxiety for new situations by getting good at something and good leadership from their person. In my experience, this dog came into your life to help you move out of your own anxiety and get back to living a life with more play and a lot more love in it.

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