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7 Insights From Reading About and Watching Mr. Beast

As of now, he has 107M subscribers! That is massive.

Fast Facts About MrBeast

  • Started his YouTube channel in 2012 at age 13
  • Famously counted to 100,000 in 2017 [YouTube]
  • Spends $48 million a year making videos [Colin and Samir]
  • Spends $10,000 per YouTube thumbnail [Rolling Stone]
  • Raised more than $20 million to plant trees around the world [Team Trees]
  • Raised more than $30 million to remove sea trash [Team Seas]
  • Spent $3.5 million to create the YouTube version of Squid Game [LA Times]
  • The first content creator on the cover of Rolling Stone [Rolling Stone]
  • Launched the MrBeast Burger virtual brand [MrBeast Burger]
  • Earned $54 million in 2021 [Forbes]

Source: https://vidiq.com/blog/post/mrbeast-youtube-stats/

    1. Future self

    From the moment he recorded a video and scheduled it to be published 5 years later, he was different. He was becoming his future self, YouTuber, with millions of subscribers. He was being pulled by the future self he set to become.

    This is a powerful mental shift when you are clear about your future self.

    2. Obsession

    Obsession is the new green :)

    If you can turn your obsession to money, the world is your oyster.

    Mr. Beast is obsessed with Youtube, videos, and what makes a video go viral.

    3. Craftsmanship

    Partly because of his obsession and partly because of his work ethic.

    “I’d rather be poor and making videos than literally doing anything else,” he said. He studied the art of making videos from hooks, thumbnails, hardware, etc.

    4. Constraint - Will it make the best video possible

    He has a filter; anything that doesn't contribute to making the best video possible, he doesn't do. Just like, "Will it make the boat go faster"

    My filter is will it make me lose 10KG, but the filter this filter has been broken :) I need to get serious about setting up filters.

    5. Experimentation

    He does a lot of experiments. It is hard to know what works and what doesn't. The only way to know is to try many things.

    6. No drama

    He has 103M followers not because of his drama but because of his positivity and fun. You can be yourself and still be very successful. Or maybe the only way is to be yourself. No one can be you. The key is experimenting with different things while being you and having fun.

    7. Giving back

    I think giving back protects people from the curse of too much money. Too much money corrupts the heart, and giving cleans the heart.

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