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7 steps my 10-year-old son took to learn how to solve the Rubik cube (which I can use as inspiration for my future learning)

In June 2020, I gave my son a cube.

He did not immediately fall in love, but started to become interested in mid-July. Like everything in life, when you dig in , you always find something valuable to learn.

No one in the family knew how to solve it, so he had to find a solution alone. He did so through the following steps:

    1. He starts searching with his best friend ( maybe yours also đŸ˜€ )Google.

    2. He discovered many options (known as algorithms) for solving the cube.

    3. He tried out the different algorithms to find the one he was at ease with.

    4. He learned with a video tutorial.

    5. He practiced, practiced…

    In the beginning, he could not solve it. Then he did learn how to solve it by following the tutorial step by step, and later without the tutorial.

    6. He started to time himself.

    28 minutes the first time
    8 minutes a week later
    Till he arrived under 1 min.

    7. I then connected him with a friend who is an expert.

    They had a one-hour Skype session. Passion led a shy young boy to be able to discuss his hobby with an adult for one hour. Learning is stronger than age, culture, or social group.

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