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7 Things I Am/Was Pondering Today

As I was navigating life today, journaling, thinking, and reading, I pondered over these things:

    1. Failing as Future Self

    Failing as a future self means playing a different game that demands different capabilities and skills that your future self has. It is easier to succeed as a current self than to fail as your future self. This demands courage and a clear vision of who your future self is. Failing more as your future self is the path to growth.

    2. "Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are." - James Allen

    Still pondering over this, but in essence, You are -> You do -> you have.

    3. Goals vs Constraints

    I see people mistake these. Cost is not a goal but a constraint to achieving value. Losing 10kg is not a goal but a constraint to being healthy and energetic.

    I may need to write an idea list about this.

    4. Systemizing at the level of your future self

    This is about setting higher standards. If I want to lose weight, which is a big goal, but I easily succumb to temptation and tolerate a bad diet, I have low standards. I need to raise my standard and systemize at the level of my future self.

    5. Not taking self too seriously, but be serious about commitments and goals

    It is important to laugh, not to take ourselves too seriously. Injecting laughter and games into our life is important.

    6. Wealth vs. Getting Wealthier by Morgan Housel (The Psychology of Money)

    "U.S. household net worth is $80 trillion higher today than it was ten years ago, which is astounding. But it’s about $700 billion lower than it was three months ago, which is honestly nothing. Yet one of those figures creates ten times the headlines, ten times the attention, ten times the emotions, ten times the introspection. It has nothing to do with the level of wealth and everything to do with the trajectory."

    Source: https://www.collaborativefund.com/blog/wealth-vs-getting-wealthier/

    Still pondering over this.

    7. "People don't work out what they think and then join the corresponding tribe. They join the tribe and they infer from it what they think"

    I am still pondering over this one!

    The vibes theory of politics - https://on.ft.com/3B7YvsQ

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