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7 Things I Learned About MrBeast that Blew My Mind

Listening to MrBeast's interview on Joe Rogan's podcast made me feel like I have absolutely no excuse to settle for a mediocre life.

After reading this list of 7 things he's done, you will likely feel the same way.

    1. Lied to his mom about going to college

    When his mom told him he had to move out if he wanted to do YouTube full-time, MrBeast pretended to go to college, but worked on YouTube instead.

    This forced him to earn enough money from YouTube to move out before his mom found out.

    2. Lives with Crohn's disease

    MrBeast lives with Crohn's disease, which is a debilitating condition for many.

    Despite identifying as a low-energy person (hard to believe), he dedicates his life to a pursuit that requires a ton of energy and is killing it because of his passion.

    3. Rejects an extravagant lifestyle

    MrBeast could live an extravagant lifestyle. But he chooses not to.

    He "tried it" for a while, but stopped because it didn't align with his values.

    He prefers to reinvest money into his businesses. This is an uncanny of display of self-awareness for a 23-year-old.

    4. Spent $4 million to make a single video

    MrBeast spent $4 million on his famous video recreating the popular Netflix series, Squid Game.

    He likely won't break even on it, but he is still unfazed.

    He knows even if the video loses money, it will bring in more viewers, subscribers, and revenue to his channel.

    5. Thinks exponentially, not linearly

    Exponential thinking is a skill unique to outlier performers and MrBeast is a natural.

    He casually described growth strategies like "putting in 10% more effort to get 3-4x more views on a video" and spends a lot of his time cultivating viral ideas.

    "It's easier to get 5 million views on 1 video than 100,000 views on 50 videos." -MrBeast

    6. Expanding to a global audience

    MrBeast is making his videos accessible to everyone on the planet.

    "Less than 10% of the world speaks English," so he's dubbing his videos in other languages.

    He's also hiring famous voice celebrities from other countries so the videos naturally resonate with these audiences right away.

    7. Creating restaurants and candy bars

    MrBeast is expanding into physical products, specifically food, which is another passion of his.

    He's currently working on launching a chain of restaurants and a line of chocolate candy bars.

    Because if you were him, why stop at 100 million YouTube subscribers?

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