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7 things I learned on success from Scott Adams in his book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

    1. « Simplicity transforms ordinary into amazing.»

    Scott writes with a lot of simplicity. He goes directly to the point and shortens sentences. He uses « Simplicity » as a principle.

    Being able to simplify is an important quality. The more you simplify, the more you understand. Simplicity drives actions and actions produce results.

    2. Decisions

    “Successful people don’t wish for success; they decide to pursue it.”

    Success is also a matter of decision. Once you decide, you take action.

    3. Systems Versus Goals

    “If you do something every day, it’s a system. If you’re waiting to achieve it someday in the future, it’s a goal.”
    And here again, the simplification comes in. Scott proposes that exercising every day is more manageable than defining a few days per week.

    For me, it’s also the case. The systematic approach saves me from emotions. It’s not a feeling but a process.

    4. Skill stacking

    “The idea is that you can raise your market value by being merely good—not extraordinary—at more than one skill. »

    The unique mix of the author :

    “When I combined my meager business skills with my bad art skills and my fairly ordinary writing talent, the mixture was powerful. »

    In the professional world, a generalist will often find more opportunities than an expert. And combining different skills could make you unique in your field or allow you to invent a new niche like Scott Adams

    5. Learning

    “Everything you learn becomes a shortcut for understanding something else. »

    Here the authors proposed a few skills to learn that are sometimes surprising. He insists on the psychology part, which makes sense for me.

    “You’ve heard the old saying that knowledge is power. But knowledge of psychology is the purest form of that power.”
    • Public speaking
    • Psychology
    • Business writing
    • Accounting
    • Design (the basics)
    • Conversation
    • Overcoming shyness
    • Second language
    • Golf
    • Proper grammar
    • Persuasion
    • Technology (hobby level)
    • Proper voice technique

    6. Affirmations

    “I, Scott Adams, will be a famous cartoonist.”

    Scott has a long experience in using affirmations. He recognizes that it seems strange. He can not explain everything, but he just used them as it is simple and work for him.

    7. Pattern recognition

    “There’s one more pattern I see in successful people: They treat success as a learnable skill. »
    “Look for patterns in every part of life, from diet to exercise to any component of success. »

    The ability to analyze, recognize, build and use patterns is a sure path to success. Life is a giant laboratory, and you are the scientist of your life.
    You can learn from others, review what you naturally do, and seek frames that work.

    Spending time with yourself is the key to finding and understanding these patterns. And it’s a pattern by itself 😀.

    Experience is not a success factor; analyzing your experience is one.

    Scott’s ability to understand his failures and successes is the secret to his success.

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