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Ryan Smith


7 things I want to do every morning this summer.

Summer of kaizen.

    1. Wake up at 6 am.

    I have a hard time waking up early over a long period of time. I just have to find that breakthrough point. I'm using a shock clock to train my brain to wake up at 6. Zap! And I'm awake. After a few days, my brain occasionally anticipates the zap and wakes me up right before.

    2. Drink a full glass of water.


    3. Work out.

    I'm following the simple and sinister kettlebell routine. 10x10 swings. 10 getups. I have a difficult time with resistance training first thing in the morning. It takes me a while to get warmed up. But the payoff is great. I get stronger everyday, and feel amazing right afterward.

    4. Take a cold shower.

    Easy after a good workout because I'm all warmed up.

    5. Improve my writing.

    I'm simplifying. Going back to basics. I purchased some Udemy courses on business writing. They're so basic, but so good. My writing is improving everyday.

    6. Have family circle time.

    I borrowed this concept from my work. We have a lean manufacturing phiolosophy. Every morning we meet and discuss improvements. Afterward the entire staff spends 30 minutes engaging in 3S. Sweep, set in order and shine.

    My family now does something similar. We circle up and take turns saying something we are thankful for. We tell the kids what to expect form the day (plans) and then we all share something we want to accomplish (do,give, or make). Afterward the whole family spends 20ish minutes cleaning, organizing, or taking on a project around the house. My 5 year old organized everyones shoes near the front door. If you knew him, you too would fall over in shock.

    7. Do a NotePD list or freewriting session.

    To sharpen my creative and communication skills. Two critical skill sets that will make me bettrer a my work (marketing).

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