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7 Things I Will Not Tolerate in 2023

"Knowing what must be done does away with fear." - Rosa Parks

I asked ChatGP3 about this challenge. The answer:


Below are 7 things, there are more I think, I will not tolerate about myself :)

    1. Being Overscheduled

    I will not tolerate being over-scheduled. I need to protect my thinking and strategizing time.

    2. Lack of Planning

    The other day I was late for a client meeting. Very unacceptable.

    I will not tolerate my lack of planning.

    3. Self-deprecating belief about my ability to market and sell

    I am a technical founder. I like to build things, but not so much selling, yet :)

    To sell is human.

    4. Drama around me

    Some people thrive on drama. I am not one of them.

    I thrive on ideas and creativity :) I will keep myself away from dramas. Or maybe just a bit of it sometimes :)

    5. Lack of exercise

    I will not tolerate the sedentary lifestyle I have been "enjoying" this year.

    Armed with Fitbit on my wrist and hope in my heart, I will not succumb to the chair, the sofa, or the bed. I shall walk, run, and climb :)

    6. Being Overwhelmed

    Lack of clarity, priorities, and a list of what Not to tolerate contribute to getting overwhelmed.

    This means more clarity and better prioritization.

    7. Lack of commitment

    I should start projects only if I am very committed and know I will not be overwhelmed.

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