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7 Ways To Rethink the Fear of Failure

Fear tends to holds us back from doing things. What if you had a different perspective?

    1. Failure Get's You Closer To Success

    Fear of failure can stop you in your tracks. It can paralyze you. Success comes from trying things over and over again. Don't let fear prevent you from doing something.

    2. Do It Anyway

    If you're not afraid to fail, you tend to take those steps toward what you want anyway.

    3. Take More Perceived Risks

    We all have a different risk tolerance. So what I find risky, you may not. When you're less risk-adverse you tend to take more steps toward what scares you. Weigh the pros & cons and if the pros outweigh the cons - do it!

    4. Don't be Afraid To Look Foolish

    By foolish I mean, don't worry what others think. They're busy doing their thing.

    5. No Regrets

    By letting fear get in the way, you tend to regret not trying.

    6. Think of It as 'Trying' (a lot)

    Keep trying until luck squeezes in.

    7. Think Of It As Courage

    I've quoted Psychologist Susan David before and yet it's worth repeating, "Courage is fear walking." You'll kick yourself soon the road if you let fear get the better of you.

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