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7 ways to understand the Power of Words

Words are amongst the most powerful things in the world.

Why do you like your favorite artists and celebrities apart from their looks? Probably how and what they say.

And conversely - why do you dislike certain people? Probably what they’ve said to you.

So many times, we say things in the heat of the moment …but after it we can’t go back and cancel what we said….once its out you have to live with the consequences.

“At the end of it all … can you go back and “unsay” those things you’ve said?”

    1. Create your story

    The words we use affect our thinking and what we do on a powerful level.

    Think of the creation, as recorded by the Bible – it was through word – the earth was created from void.

    Whatever you tell your brain, whatever words you use and images you create will forecast your future.

    Be careful of how you speak to yourself and what you speak out into the universe.

    2. The Ultimate manifestation tool

    Whatever you want into existence – use your words carefully and you’ll start attracting your dreams into reality.

    Its so powerful that most successful people recommend that when you write your goals down, use and start with words like:

    “I am…” “I have…” “I always…” “I do…”

    Our minds only understand the present tense as against speaking future tenses e.g. “next year,” “next month”.

    So make powerful affirmations that claim your dreams into existence right now.

    3. Create Art

    When I was younger I used to love Poetry. In short I never believed I could ever love to write long posts like this. “If writing was just about writing 5-10 lines – then its no big deal," I thought.

    Writing and Great poetry specifically is the perfect combination of meaning, sound and rhythm.

    Its also just this power that is manifested in good music irrespective of the genre: Rap, Classics, etc.

    You can see this also in movies, novels, and most media - nothing captures and magnifies the intensity of emotional experience as well as words.

    Not only language, but every sound we hear is part of a magnificent symphony.

    4. Build or destroy others

    Through your words you can be a source of motivation or tear down another soul.

    I had this conversation with a friend, we talked about how easy it is to say words especially about other people.

    But what’s hardest and ignored the most is the lack of power to delete the words from the air.

    There’s a saying we were taught as kids – wall’s have ears.” What’s funny about talking about other people is that it finally gets to them.

    And you wouldn't have the chance to "unsay" negative words when it does. You gotta live with it.

    The power words have to hurt, enrage, or love is INSANE.

    5. Influence others

    The way you use words can make others like, trust or respect you.

    This applies amongst other things to bringing change to the world we find ourselves and selling anything through persuasion.

    Here’s a quick story:

    In 2005 Kevin Berthia went to the Golden Gate Bridge to end his life.

    He ended up talking about his life with Officer Kevin Briggs for 92 minutes while he was on the edge of the bridge.

    10 years later they meet on the same bridge in much better circumstances.

    Good words and good people can change everything.

    The right words can open doors of opportunity and change our lives.

    6. Key way of Expression and Energy

    All writers are just swimmers in an ocean of words. Words are the wake of the writer's journey across the ocean of time.

    Every piece like this idea-list is a remix of dictionary words. Through our words we also create Energy.

    How you feeling today?

    “I’m happy.” OR

    I’m Damn happy today, man.”

    They may mean the same. But the latter creates a whole different level of energy, vibe and conversation flow.

    And finally you still got to use your intuition and guts when we find words confusing – people don’t see the world the way it is, but as they are.

    No matter how little you understand someone’s actions or words, remember that they did their best with what they had at that very moment (leading to the next point)

    7. Words are not Real

    If you don’t follow your words by the right action – it doesn’t lead to anything.

    You gotta walk the talk! So, if you want your team, business partners or your loved ones to do better, you lead the path!

    Lead by example and not by words.

    Others may say things to you, but that doesn’t mean those words are true. It doesn’t matter if others believe in you, what matters most is that you believe in yourself.

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