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7 Ways Your Ego Could be Leading The Way

Something I've been thinking about ...

    1. You Play The 'Follow' Game

    I've read on social media posts that "if you don't follow me back, I'm going to unfollow." In my experience, leading with ego prevents one from following others that one genuinely finds interesting.

    2. Being #1: The Gold Star

    We all love rewards. In fact that feel good hormone, dopamine thrives on it. But understand why you want to be #1 at something. Are you passionate about it? Is it fun? Do you love the challenge? All great reasons.

    3. Not Wishing Others Well

    This one is very interesting to me. Have you ever found that you've shared an opportunity, or something that is incredibly exciting with real potential to someone close to you only to find that they're not as excited as you are? In fact you can feel jealousy rearing it's ugly head.

    4. Being Unkind

    Now this I've noticed more often than not both during the pandemic and as the fear is winding down. There's nothing like panic, worry and fear to make people go slightly more crazy than usual. Anxieties can do a real number on us humans and yet there's always an opportunity to lead with kindness. In my experience the ego can get the better of us taking on the form of unkindness.

    5. I'm Right. You're Wrong

    In my experinece we often tend to get caught up in our ego and its need to not just be right, but to also have others acknowledge that we're right. The idea of this can hinder our own happiness.

    6. Rejection

    No one likes to be rejected and yet it can be a powerful lesson if turned into a positive. Unless of course, you take that rejection personally. And .... even IF it's personal. Everyone has their own reasons for saying, "no" - sometimes it may have nothing to do with you. Nevertheless it sucks. Think of it this way, the more rejections you get the closer you are to a "yes."

    7. Tunnel Vision

    Ego has the tendancy to create an echo chamber. When defenses are up it precludes learning and personal growth. Instead of throwing walls up consider what you stand to gain when you let yourslef be vulnerable.

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