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8 Idea Branches: Using AI To Write Better (Instead of Writing For You)

Hey NotePders ๐Ÿ– Another podcast-inspired idea list

The other day, sweating in my car (or was it today. . . the heat!) listening to MFM podcast. AI is a hot topic right now in all things "replacing humans" so they came up with ideas of how to make money arbitrating the new revolution of AI.

Anyway, they discussed plagiarism and how there's a yin & yang to what might be possible as a business. On one hand, you have the AI which checks for authenticity, on the other an AI that makes it harder for the other AI to detect it.

You can hear it here if you're interested.

Ok, my idea.

Totally possible this already exists or maybe the pieces are there just not put together, idk. . .

AI as a tutor

    1. Finding Your Voice

    With writing, eventually, you stumble onto the notion of, "finding your voice." What? Huh? Then you wonder how you find it and most simply say it hit them like a rock in your windshield. That is to say (unhelpfully) it just happens.

    An "AI Tutor" would pick up on those moments of zen writing. And put that into your suggestions for editing.

    Would this then make writing, even for yourself, obsolete๐Ÿค”

    2. Mind Mash-Up (Sizzle)

    Instead of scouring the webs for what's hot, then finding a way to meld that into you want to write about. . .

    You simply start writing what's on your mind. Then, once you've finished a paragraph or so, the AI will give you a report.

    "Here you wrote about X and here are the top articles, news headlines, etc."

    3. Cross Platform Posting

    The article you just "wrote" by selecting from the top headlines, news, etc. now needs to be dispersed onto the interwebs.

    The AI will give you Tweets. Not only tweets but Tweets you can selectively choose from per "person-genre"

    Like how Grammarly detects "how this may sound to readers" you could choose from a list of your all-time favorite Tweeters and it will make it sound like something "X" would tweet.

    (idea from one of the latest challenges HERE)

    4. Idea Prompter (Social)

    Similar to idea #1 but for specific platforms filtered through you. Dickie Bush talks a lot about writing like it's 2022 and not musing over how the writers of yesteryear did their craft.

    Taking that notion, the AI keeps a record of what you "like" on social media and offers ideas based on those likes.

    5. Niche Finder

    The problem with writing is you need to write about what people want to read about. This can be hard. What's even harder is finding a niche that you will want to write about.

    Like many parts of ourselves, we don't know what we actually like and we probably don't have any idea what we'll like in the future (if you can see the future please message me) so instead, just write.

    Over time the AI will begin to build lists of interests you continually come back to and suggest niches from those topics.

    6. Time Tracker

    Maybe it's habit or getting comfortable so you write better. But it seems many prolific writers (both in quantity and quality) ascribe to writing at set times which allows for flow and "the best stuff" to spill out onto the page. I imagine there will be a testing period where you write at different times in the day and the AI picks up on when the best stuff is written.

    7. Smart Watch Compatible

    When our physical selves are in tip-top shape our mental faculties are too. Via an app or one of those weird things you plug on your arm, the AI will monitor your health. Specifically, when you are sitting down to write, it will monitor what's going on during a session. If your cortisol is spiking and you are feeling stressed it will cross reference this with what you wrote and how good or bad the writing is compared to yourself at other times.

    Though it can re-write what you wrote, this will give you better insight into doing even better work ongoing.

    It could further check the subject, not only the "quality"

    "Each time you write about X and your blood sugar is X or biomarker is Y, your have stress hormones ABC." Then offer suggestions, "Try writing about ________ after you've eaten/workout/meditated" It would take this data and continue to build your writing profile.

    8. Swipe Right

    Instead of dating, you could find other writers to collaborate with. The AI will find similar stylistic writers as you and offer suggestions from writer X for your writing. It would also make it possible to meet in cyberspace and workshop together.

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