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8 money rules I like to follow

    1. The 30 30 rule

    If it costs more than $30 dollars, I wait 30 days (this is borrowed from an episode of the Essentialism Podcast). It disrupts impulse buys and also allows me to search for the best deal.

    2. If I'm buying anything more than $500, I'll invest the same amount

    Good way to hit pause on any bigger buys I might have because I know I'll need the same amount to invest.

    3. Books, courses, certifications are all worthy investments

    I'll pause but usually any investments in myself are automatic

    4. I'll use coupons: rakuten, honey as much as possible

    It only takes a few minutes to search for applicable coupons so why not?

    5. If I can, I'll stack coupons / discounts

    I'll use a coupon, try to buy discounted gift cards, but also use a cash back credit card so I can stack as much discounts as possible

    6. I'll use camel camel camel to check for the lowest price

    Especially on things I don't need right away OR things I know I'll need but I don't need right away

    7. I buy quality goods and take care of them

    I have bought cheap before and they never seem to work out - lesson learned

    8. Generally, I'll opt for things that will save me money in the long-run

    Buying water filtration systems, solar panels

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