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8 reasons I should make charitable contributions

I believe poverty, in its absolute sense, shouldn't exist, so I've always wanted to be able to give a certain percentage of my income to charity. I've made excuses about this in the past, but I think I need to start aligning my actions and my words. As part of the process of convincing myself, I've made this list.

    1. To make a difference (over time)

    In a purely utilitarian sense, my money is probably a more valuable donation than my time. I need to prioritize giving to a foundation that is impact-focused.

    2. To counter greed

    Sometimes I can be miserly when it comes to my savings. I hope that giving away money at regular intervals will help conquer this.

    3. To eliminate any fear of poverty/economic insecurity

    While reading, I came across the idea that, for some people, fear of poverty can't be cured by simply gaining more money. It's more deeply-rooted than that. Charitable donations, however, were cited as a "cure" for this fear, and I think I see why. When we give we realize that we can do enough with less.

    4. To carry out my duty to my fellow humans

    I deliberately phrased this as a matter of duty vs. one of guilt.

    5. To do something difficult

    Making big purchases of any kind is difficult for me, because I can be frugal/cheap.

    6. To show myself that I want, but don't need, many of the things in my life

    Giving money to charity will be a perpetual reminder of how fortunate I am, and of how people need basic things I take for granted.

    7. To be more mindful about how I spend my money

    Charity spending is a good use of my money. Buying another pair of shoes is not.

    8. As part of a routine channeling active gratitude

    Every time I make a donation, I will be reminded that I have the fortune to have surplus.

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