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8 Ways To Vibe For A Better Life

    1. Radical Acceptance

    The most amazing transformation you can make in your life is simply to accept everything as it is.

    There is NOTHING within your control except how you choose to react. Do this and you win.

    2. Focus on 20%

    There's the law of 80/20, it says 80% of the best stuff is had by focusing on the 20%. Most of the time we don't focus at all, but if you look at any aspect of your life 80% of the good stuff is had by only the 20% of the effort.

    Wouldn't you like to only be working twenty percent of the time? Well, you can, by only laser-focusing on the twenty percent that is already bringing you results.

    3. You Are Not What You Feel

    We are creatures that feel, that's true. But the moment you stop identifying your feelings with who you are . . .

    Things become much easier.

    4. Passion Don't Live In a Vacuum

    In order to find your passion, you have to get all the other stuff moving in the right direction. Work on the stuff you don't want to do so you can do the stuff you WANT to do.

    5. Be Dumb

    When you stop letting your ego think you're a smart cookie. . . you finally get the cookie.

    6. You're The BEST!

    You are the #1 best person in THE ENTIRE WORLD at being you.

    7. Never Stop Fixing but Don't Let Fixing Stop You

    8. Walk Away

    If you don't know what the right thing is to do, walk away. You can always turn around.

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