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9 Movie Script Ideas.

9 Ideas for movie scripts generated through idea-ometry (my name for the mathematics of idea making as featured in "Skip The Line" by James Altucher, namely: idea addition, idea multiplication, idea subtraction and idea sex).
These are meant for movies but can probably be used for novels as well.

    1. Medieval Knights in Space

    Not Jedi Knights, Medieval knights from England!


    Three Medieval Knights get transported aboard a spaceship manned by humans from the future. These future humans transported the Knights there for the purpose of study and amusement. The future humans are near immortal, very sophisticated and very bored. They don't care that meddling with the timeline may damage or destroy their reality though they did pick three knights who were fated to die in a chasm.

    The knights are completely crude cavemen compared to the future folk which leads to hilarious situations including a painfully awkward dinner scene, and an obligatory bathroom scene.

    Of course, one of the knights falls in love with one of the future women and eventually that love is requited, which leads to all sorts of complications.

    2. The President is an Alien, and that's a GOOD thing?

    Comedic Thriller.

    A race of reptilian looking aliens has infiltrated part of our government with the dastardly purpose of... world peace!? The aliens aren't actually reptilian, they are highly evolved plants who have green skin because they still photosynthesize for energy. They are here to save humanity from itself and from the meddling of a maleficent alien race which is trying to destroy humanity and take over the resource-rich earth. The bad Aliens are all tall and blonde.

    The bad aliens are trying to expose, frame, and kill the good aliens and it is up to the peace loving hero (President) alien and his human confidants to save the day!

    3. Ninja CPAs

    Comedy. Nuff Said.

    4. Volcano Party


    A bunch of rich and famous people get invited by a tech billionaire to an amazing party that takes place in an inactive volcano. Our hero is a young female internet influencer, who is self-centered and shallow.

    She accidentally discovers that the volcano isn't totally inactive and that it's set to blow during the party. Not only that, the billionaire has been watching the seismic activity of the volcano and knew all along that it was going to blow. He found out about a year ago that he has a terminal illness and kinda lost his mind.

    The billionaire has made sure that there is no escape for the guests of his party.

    Now it's up to a selfish, talking-head (our hero) to save the day. In the process she will fall in love with a clever and hunky maintenance guy. Her new found love, and the danger of the situation she's in, will help her grow into a real hero.

    5. Drake and Belle

    Beauty and the Beast with vampires.

    A young woman finds herself lost and is being chased by jackals and the nearest shelter is an old castle. She enters the castle and encounters a handsome and powerful man who wants nothing to do with her. He tries to kick her out of his castle but she is stubborn, and when he realizes that she'll die if he kicks her out, he lets her stay... in a prison cell.

    The next day she demands to know why he is so cruel to her. In answer he takes her out on the patio and into the sunlight, where he is transformed into a hideous Nosferatu looking monster. He is a vampire. Contrary to popular belief, light doesn't kill vampires but it exposes them for what they are, monsters. At night the vampires can keep up a glamour and look beautiful but not in sunlight.

    Anyway, lots of psychological torture ensues followed by love.

    NOTE: Now that I have written this idea I am struck by how damaging these sorts of plot-lines must be to impressionable girls.

    6. No One Knows

    People worldwide start to forget basic things, which spells big trouble for humanity. There are a few people who are unaffected by this disorder and they must find out what is going on and how to stop it. They discover that this isn't happening nearly as much to indigenous people who live basic lives. Is technology to blame? Is this situation reversible?
    While they are trying to return the world back to normal they start to wonder if the old normal is even a worthy goal.

    7. I made it up.


    A fast talking street hustler starts a science related rumor that gets picked up by everybody! It is all over the news, social media, etc. Everyone "knows" that the rumor is true and even worse they all know that HE is the expert on the subject. Now he's being interviewed and even invited to meet with the president and other world leaders. What is he going to do?

    8. Tuesdays with Godzilla

    Animated Comedy.
    A funny and touching story. Godzilla's estranged grandson, Razilla, shows up when he finds out that Godzilla doesn't have much more time to live. Raz starts to visit Godzilla every Tuesday to hear his story and receive the wisdom that comes from 200 years of terrorizing the humans.

    9. Bob Marley and Elvis

    The ghosts of Bob Marley and Elvis are summoned during a seance, and through some sort of freak accident involving electrocution, those ghosts end up inhabiting the bodies of two ne'er-do-wells who happen to look sorta like Bob Marley and Elvis. The ne'er-do-wells have limited control of their bodies and can communicate psychically with the ghosts, but mostly the ghosts are in control. Soon after the accident they all end up in a situation where they must save the town from a deranged warlock (or witch) who it tuns out was responsible for their situation in the first place.

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