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For the first time in a long time I woke up feeling like my normal self again.  What led to that?

    1. Rest

    I always wake up feeling a little better after sleeping. Not pushing myself and allowing my body to recover is the biggest factor to me feeling better again.

    2. Sexy lady

    Met a nice lass last night.  Kissed and got her no. So we'll see how that goes.  I can't imagine that not having an effect on my happiness.

    3. Sober

    That's a week without alcohol and it's been easier than I would have thought..  not drinking must have helped speed up my recovery.

    I'm not waking up hungover.  I don't regret my actions from the night before.  I had just as much fun as everyone else.  I think I could easily push myself to extend this break.  Feels like a much better option to getting wasted.

    The beers Also taste pretty good.  Bevertown is my favourite so far.  Pironi was disgusting.  Do not recommend.

    4. Positive thoughts

    Throughout the day thoughts will pop into my head.  Whenever I notice a negative one I focus on changing it to something more positive and not walk down that path.  For example 'why am I so stupid?' lead's to a list of reasons I'm stupid.  In turn making me feel bad.  So I replace that though with 'how can I become smarter?' and create a list of tasks I can take in order to grow.  This trick stops you from falling deeper into the void.  Highly recommended everyone, no matter how happy you are, does this.

    5. Sing/dance

    There's something about singing and dancing that makes you forget the world and feel at peace.  I play my ukulele daily and dance about to ska music whenever I'm getting ready.

    6. Stress kills

    I've also got epilepsy, so it's even more of a risk for me.  Avoiding stress has helped me stay young and beautiful.  If I can tell something will be stressful, I avoid it.  I'm not perfect at predicting and sometimes stress shows up regardless of my efforts, but it's usually at small enough levels it's easily handled.

    Everything costs stress.  You're job, relationships, decisions, even doing nothing.  You need to know what you're willing to pay, for what you want.

    7. Family/Friends

    I'm not one to talk about my problems (you probably think different as it's all I've done here.  Sorry.  I'm using Notepd as a journal.)

    Even though I don't go in depth with them they've been there to help me through it.  Building up a base of people that will be there when you eventually fall (and you will, we all do) should be your top priority.  Without them even the smallest falls can be deadly.  If you're not sure where to start I've always followed this mantra from one of my favourite films, Bill and Ted's excellent adventure - Be excellent to eachother and party on dudes.

    I use to miss out the last part of that quote 'party on dudes ' but as I've grown I've released that this is just as important.  Being excellent is about being in the best state, partying is about enjoying all the amazing things life has to offer.  Don't forget to notice the beauty and enjoy all life has to offer.

    8. Notepd

    James mentioned how lists helped him and I must say it's helped me too.  I've mostly been journaling rather than writing my usual amazing, informative lists, but pushing myself to even do that each day ment that that day matter.  Without that day nothing would have been done.  

    Making each day matter.  Putting something out there that never existed make's my life matter and knowing that really helped push me through. 

    Thanks for Notepd.  I love it.

    9. Walk

    I've not had the energy to do much, but I have been able to walk and so that's what I did.  This stopped me from getting lazy and letting all those depressing thoughts get the better of me.

    I also listen to podcasts when I walk.  If you listen closely there's always something relevant to help you out, no matter who you're listening to.  I really should start writing down these peices again.  It's usually the overlooked parts of the conversation that speak the most too me during these times.

    10. Meditate

    If I notice myself overthinking I stop and focus on my breath.  A few minutes of this helps calm me down and return to normality.

    11. Smoothies

    I've been drinking a lot of smoothies lately.  It would probably be cheaper if I did it myself, but for now it's been store bought.  I want to cut down on fizzy drinks as well.  I've already drastically cut down from when I was in China (6 colas a day+ a few beers)

    Getting healthier seems like a no brainer.  Why wouldn't I want to be in better shape?

    12. Walking away

    I've tried doing work, but I just freeze at the thought, so I walk away.  I keep trying I never know when I'll be fit enough unless I try.  The fact I've been able to do this list is a good sign that I'm finally returning to my normal self.  Or if I've been smart, returning to a better self.

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