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9Oct - Two Drunk Rabbits Meet in a Bar

Look man.


    1. Good Idea Bracket competition. 16 people connect on zoom in groups of 4. Each person proposes an idea. They vote on the best one. Then everyone votes on the final best of the 4 submitted. Everyone commits an hour to working on it.

    2. A text-only dating app. No pictures or videos allowed.

    3. A foreign policy magazine that only uses memes.

    4. A tub of marshmallow cream, nutella, and peanut butter right next to each other for instant scooping.

    5. Condoms with icy hot in them. For April Fools. Sorry for anyone who tries this.

    6. A social networking where friends are recommended exclusively based on your top 50 favorite songs of all time.

    7. Vending machines that sell cool things you can put in your drinks. They go next to ice vending machines. Little LED light up bulbs, floating characters, etc.

    8. A party for all the the early adopters here. Raffle for 50 in person. Everyone else via Zoom or something.

    9. ratemyprofessor.com but for Venture Capitalists.

    10. Thanksgiving bomb - we get 10,000 people to tweet, email, and post on social media to thank specific (and mostly random) people. An Airline pilot that got people somewhere safe. A nurse that works in a hospice. Etc. To keep the love alive.

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