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A Few Observations

I hit 100 for a list streak but have no insight to share about that, it's just something I've done. This list is other stuff.


    1. Fearful

    One of the highlights of our trip to Iceland was going to StuĂ°lagil Canyon. There were a couple of spots that had a little bit of risk to make the most of the experience. Falling into the river would have been very problematic and while there was a risk it was not very high. I can't imagine going to this canyon though without taking this small, calculated risk. One of risky spots though wasn't that you'd fall in the river, it was that you'd slip on wet rocks and bruise your tailbone. There were a couple of dudes out there at the same time and one of the two stayed up top in the less risky spot and the riskier spot. Even the riskier spot had a fairly riskless spot you could get down to for a better view but he didn't even go there. This would have been a fantastic opportunity to overcome his fear and he did not do it which is unfortunate and teaches a lesson. That's me in the blue shirt on the rope coming up from the riskier spot, my wife took the picture. I get not wanting to go down the rope right to the water, but getting to where she took the picture of me was almost riskless.


    2. Your time is worth more than your money

    @RayInNJ talked about how to help people without using money. The point that most resonated and one I've made before but is worth repeating over and over is that any time you can donate is worth more than the money you can donate. Money is obviously crucial but organizations like non-profits need people to do the work

    3. 5 songs forever

    @chris407x had a fun list about being able to just listen to 5 songs for the rest of your life.

    Rosalita by Bruce Springsteen

    Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

    All Along the Watchtower by U2

    Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana (this is a proxy for grunge, many songs would fit here)

    Refugee by Tom Petty, maybe You Got Lucky, or one of several others

    Run To The Hills Iron Maiden

    Yes I know that is six, LOL. Five is tough. 10 would be tough but that's a fun list

    4. Staycation

    @Whatisaname wrote about how to have a good staycation. Maybe I am adding 1+1 and getting eleven (one of my favorite sayings) but I take that has a prompt for how to be happier in the home you live in, to be happier with the home you live in.

    5. Portable generator

    For a while, I wanted a generator for our rental cabin. The power goes out a fair bit of the time here, especially in the winter. Having a backup source of power makes life much easier. It won't run the entire cabin but in the context of someone staying for 2 or 3 days, having a way to cook, keep your food cold and internet access is pretty good.

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