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A Good Day For a Bad List (7)

Alright, this one's really nothing (the idea list) a BAD list!!! Of course, that's how all good ideas start, later, after the bad ideas get flushed out of your system.

There it is, the feeling because writing is about feeling and then pushing past it. Into some quasi-crazy land where the words flow out and you say, "who the hell wrote this, and where was I?!"

Is that today?


All babies are ugly. . .

    1. People Love To Laugh

    It's incredible, being there in the midst of a sale. The person in front of you just lapping up whatever it is you are saying. . . Is this sales? Yes, but it's not a technique or some special method you have to learn by shaving your armpits and dressing like you're ready for a Dead concert.

    Care. That's it. You need to care about what you are doing and who you are with


    2. STFU

    Sometimes, it's the best policy

    3. Push It Down

    You know how you really don't care about what the other person is saying? All you want to do is put your finger where devil did and say, "shhh."

    If you haven't, you're lying (or an alien and I'd like to talk, seriously we need to do lunch)

    4. The Best Human You Can BE

    Those warm sheets, maybe even a dream, horny and sleepy. You got your eight hours in, fantastic!

    After you've woken up and had your coffee (or jumped into a bucket of ice) whatever. Make it a point to say, "I'm going to be the best version of myself"

    Day after day. You'll forget (I do anyway) but come back to that image in your mind. Life goes on, all days are simply another day, but that little kernel of goodness can grow.

    5. Exercise

    I'm always exercising, not consistently. But I do it more than not. DO ThAT.

    6. Branding Is Human

    You do know you are the only person who'll ever have the same DNA, right? Well for now, in the future you may have a clone (I want a clone).

    A special deal on vibrators made this post possible.

    It was on the Copybloggers Podcast, there is a sight called meh.com. What's it all about? Well, they have a deal where you either buy it or don't. That's it. What makes it so great are the people who buy it. It's a community, a tribe, and the not-so-serious way the company makes itself different. To the tune of 30k+ a day.

    How it's summed up, the host of the show said it like, "If you can't beat Amazon on price and in today's world anyone can copy what you are doing pretty easily the answer is. . ."

    Watch It Here

    7. Don't Waste Your Time

    "Live in the moment - stop wasting time" they say. It's all good advice but they fail to mention that the time you spend on you is never wasted. No, that's not the best way to put it. . .

    Don't stop, and be mindful.

    Ok, that's not so helpful either. . .

    I got it!

    Your life is yours, make the most of it, you're gonna die!

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