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A Good Sunday

Started with a good sunrise.


    1. SDSU/Montana State

    We are the last family in America to get streaming. We have several including Hulu which comes with ESPN+. ESPN+ pretty much has access to every college football game including FCS. There's a handful of FCS teams I really enjoy watching and two of them played each other yesterday and I got to watch this morning. These games get no real attention so no spoilers allowing me to watch Sunday morning. South Dakota State beat Montana State on a last play touchdown, very exciting.

    2. Got a little creative

    I think it is important to be creative which could be as simple as taking a picture. I spent some time filtering the hell out of some fire truck pictures.


    3. Short walk

    We had to bail on our Sunday hike but did do the mile and a half loop down, around and up our hill. There's enough uphill that it's a decent workout and it usually is enough to tire out the dogs.

    4. Helped a client figure some things out

    This has been over the last few days. A client is on the cusp of retirement we've spent some time over the last few days mapping out a very specific plan. Most clients are already retired so it is a lot of fun getting to work on something like this when it comes along.

    It's like solving a problem. There's the basic "playbook" about financial planning as relates to retiring but from there, a person's particulars need to be assessed to know where to stick to the "playbook" and where it is better for the client to veer away from the basics.

    5. Football commercials

    I am thrilled that football season has started. During the first set of NFL games I mostly watched games on Fox. Of course the commercials were for Fox' primetime programming. The shows they are advertising although not new, are shockingly mindless. I think about the term bread and circuses, shows like The Masked Singer, the Legos show whatever that is called and anything with Gordon Ramsey.

    Honest to God, I don't know what's worse, that Fox program directors think that we are that dumb or that we might actually be that dumb. Neither answer is good.

    6. Have the TV on

    As I thought about the commercials, I had another thought. Yes, I have the TV on, I enjoy the games but I think it might be more correct to say that the TV is merely on as background to which I look at occasionally if it sounds like something exciting is happening or during the stock market day when news breaks or there is a truly interesting interview.

    The games were on as I read and wrote for most of the day including this list.

    7. Comment on retirement article

    Barron's had two articles about working past normal retirement age. I thought both were good. As is often the case, I read the comments too. Without fail there was a comment or two about Joe Biden being senile and all the rest. I don't care about defending any politician, that's not the point but imagine being so one dimensional that you spend 10 or 15 minutes reading something about retirement to only then take the time to spin it into something negative about a politician. What an empty fucking life that guy must live.

    8. Wrote a fun blog post

    About the Barron's retirement articles.

    9. Fine tuning text tones

    The other day I mentioned a couple of frustrating days as my phone was going off constantly to the point of not being able to get 5 minutes to myself. Part of it was hearing the text tone notification so many times. I started to change the tones for certain text conversations to try to reduce the number of times I hear the one tone. I know everyone knows about this but I think it is helping.

    10. And then Bonner killed a squirrel

    He jumped up and tore outside such that I knew there was either a squirrel or a bird in the pen ( pretty large, fenced in area). Figuring it would get away from him I did not immediately jump up. I heard commotion so I started to move and then heard him yelp. He was standing over the squirrel, I saw it roll over and die. I yelled for him and Junior to get back in the house. They finally came in and Bonner was bleeding. He has a puncture on top of his muzzle, under his chin and the squirrel tore his right nostril which bled for quite a while. It was pretty awful.

    We have a bit with him where we say "Bonner was a good boy today, he's a good boy everyday except the time he took the pork chop off my plate" and now except the time he killed the squirrel.

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