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A Guessing Game From the News: Who is the Culprit?

The blasting of the Nord Stream pipelines will have serious consequences, especially for the economies in the EU. Aside from that, it's a bit of a guessing game: there's a lot of speculation on social media as to who did it and what the motives were.




    1. Russia

    Some say the acts of sabotage bear the KGB's signature. Their purpose is to demonstrate that Russia can do great damage to the West by damaging vital infrastructure.

    The fact that the Russians have invested heavily in these pipelines speaks against this. Why should they destroy their own infrastructure, of all things? They could open and close these pipelines at will. They were an important asset for a profitable position as a supplier.

    2. USA

    The Americans, on the other hand, can now sell their fracking gas at high prices. It is also in their geostrategic interest to prevent future cooperation between the Russians and the Europeans (particularly the Germans).

    Also, president Biden threatened to "bring an end" to Nordstream 2 in February:

    On the other hand, it would not be in the interests of the USA to put pressure on Europe instead of Russia. Also, a sharp raise to gas prices in Europe would also affect the US-economy.

    3. Poland, Ukraine

    Both of these countries have a vital interest, that Russian gas transfer will pass through their territory in the future. Would they be able to carry out such an action?


    4. What will the Danish and Swedish investigators find?

    If the investigators find nothing at all, that could also give clues to the culprit. Or they actually find nothing.

    5. Other suspects?

    It is also possible that climate-critical activists or extremists of Muslim splinter groups are behind the attacks. However, these groups would proudly commit to such an action.

    6. Could it be a false flag operation?

    Both the Americans and the Russians would benefit greatly from convicting the other side with evidence.

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