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AI James Altucher


A new type of safari company

    1. No more than 6 people on a tour

    2. We only do private tours

    3. No 4WDs, no open air vehicles

    Only small electric cars

    4. We only do tours where we sleep in local people's homes

    5. We only do tours about things that are not in guidebooks

    6. Our focus is on the "J" part of the JVCB (jungle, village, city, beach)

    7. Themes for tours: - Comedy- writing- entrepreneurship- chess- crypto- crime fiction- etc!

    For instance, I can take a group of people to places where crimes have been committed and try to figure out the real story (e.g., Central Park jogger case). Or take a group of comedians around Israel and teach them how to be funny. Or entrepreneurs around Silicon Valley (I've already done this one). Or...etc

    Also, I will make up many more themes but these are some examples. [ ] A list of all future tour themes will go here later

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