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A Notepd Storm - Part 1

A Notepd storm is a situation in which a large number of ideas on a particular topic are shared in a short period of time, often resulting in a significant increase in activity on the platform and attention on the topic.
Notepd storms are often used as a way to raise awareness about a particular idea.
If you apply the ideas discussed in the Storm you will see that they work.

    1. If you 're feeling deprived right now you are denying a blessing to someone and that someone is you.

    Blessing - happiness produced by some experience of God's favor.
    When you deny a blessing to your brother you also deny that blessing in yourself.

    2. If you're going to be committed to your happiness, you can't only be committed sometimes.

    You can't be a little pregnant. Either you're pregnant or you're not.
    If you're only committed to your happiness sometimes, there are going to be many days that you're not happy.
    When you're not committed to experiencing love ad happiness that's exactly the moment you will not see it.

    3. Each of you went into a store, purchased an outfit, and started wearing it.

    You put on the outfit and even gave your character a name - Bob.
    But Bob became so enamored with his outfit and form that he became completely identified with them.
    Now Bob thinks he's his outfit.

    An Open Letter to Bob:

    Bob, I must speak the truth.
    You're not your body. You have a body but you're not your body. 
    The reason you're afraid Bob is because you've completely identified with your body and your body is fearful and vulnerable to being attacked. 
    Bob this is what keeps your fear alive. Today, it's ChatGPT that you're afraid of and the next moment it will be something else like aliens. 
    Your life is all about your body. You have to make sure your body is protected, fed, housed, and sexed. 
    Bob, your entire existence is centered around your body. 
    Fear is the block to love's presence and prevents you from hearing your own inner guidance. 
    Bob, you feel like you are trapped in a world trying to do everything on your own.
    There's a way out but it's probably not what you think.

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