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A Pod Idea Post (How to Curb Your Idea Enthusiasm): Creative Elements Features Derek Sivers

I've only read one of his books so far Hell Yeah or No (fantastic btw), on this podcast he goes deeper into his finale of the series:


If you've never listened to Creative Elements pod the entire show is about creators and how they do it. Bringing their creations to the world.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite takeaways.

    1. Be Yourself but. . .

    Sivers marvels at how we (the general audience of creators) look to stand out in a sea of people online, in business, in art. While the ones who make it big almost always do the opposite of the crowd and that is exactly what sets them apart.

    Jay Clouse mentions, "doesn't this take longer to grow then?" Though Sivers uses a different quote from Seth Godin, this fits too

    "The opposite of remarkable is very good." "The only way to be indispensable is to be different"

    2. Meta Idea Futures, Mono Now Idea Creation

    Sivers is a machine with journaling! Sometimes up to four hours. The reason he does this is to get it all out of his system. He saves the ideas and labels them, perhaps even starts building them. Once it's reached a stopping point he goes back to what he was originally working on.

    Making the main thing, the main thing. I especially needed to hear this.

    3. "Get a Job!" or Don't: Killing What You Love

    Sivers has lived all over the world. Currently in New Zealand. Right down the block from his home in "Northern Australia" is the company that made the original Lord of the Rings. He talks about how some creators are miserable because they turned their love for special effects/movie set creation into a job.

    Then, he tells a story about how he was a musician and to become a successful musician you do anything. As it turns out, he loved it and his side gigs in music replaced his then-day job.

    Two of the big takeaways that hit home

    1. You have to try a lot of things, you never know what'll happen

    2. Don't do it for the money, it's a bonus.

    4. Change Your Mind

    Derek Sivers receives a lot of emails and spends an hour a day replying. Jay asks Sivers if there was a particular chapter/concept in his book that most people loved or hated.

    Sivers recounts an emailer

    "Sivers at first when I read it, I thought this part was bullshit, and the other part I identified with. Then six months later I reread the book and felt the complete opposite."

    Not sure if I heard this quote or made it up. . .

    "Life is grey, then black and white, and then you walk through a field of poppies."

    5. Oooof This One!

    Somewhere in between the New Zealand creator's story and his own, he mentions how you can't just play at it and give it up or say it didn't work. "You can't just do it for half an hour before bed"

    Sivers gives examples if you're a musician create fifteen songs and publish twelve in all the places your songs will be heard.

    6. Thoughts

    I am the worst about jumping from one idea to the next. This pod made an impact on how I'll be moving forward and how I can curb my idea enthusiasm. I'll be using Notepd as my "meta future idea folders" so I can return to the main thing.

    I'l be traveling for work for the next three weeks. See you all on the flip side!

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