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A Random List of Ideas & Thoughts from 32 Years of Life

No theme to this one, just a few ideas and thoughts I've had from 32 years of life.

    1. Don't dampen passion

    Don't discourage anyone who is passionate about their hobbies, job or interests.

    2. You don't always need advice

    At times, all we need is someone to listen - I don't need any advice, I simply want to talk about my problem and have someone listen.

    Asking "Would you like my advice?" has been a big help.

    3. Everyone has an opinion

    Haters gon' hate. Learn to share when asked and mind your own business when not.

    4. Be selective over your partner

    You need to enhance each others lives, not make it more difficult.

    Communication is key.

    5. Experiences are similar but never the same

    Yes, we may have experienced certain things, but they will affect everyone differently, just because someone doesn't deal with loss how you would/expect, doesn't mean they're not dealing with it.

    Be open to the fact that similar isn't the same.

    6. Keep your private life private

    I don't need to know (or care) that you don't like your in-laws.

    7. Help people but remember your number one

    If you're able, then always offer a helping hand - but never feel guilty if you can't. You are the number one person in your life, if you can't help someone this time, you will next time.

    8. Comparison is unavoidable

    Whether it's how much sleep you got or the kind of car you have - comparison is always going to be a part of our lives. Understanding when it isn't helping you is a skill worth having.

    9. Exercise

    Already mentioned why I put myself through the pain of the gym here.

    It's worth it for both your physical and mental health.

    10. There's no harm in not finishing bad books

    I can't stand Atomic Habits - I got around half way through and it was torture, so I stopped reading, want to know what happened?


    The world kept turning.

    11. Learn (at least) the basics of money and wealth

    It's important.

    12. Creativity never leaves you

    Sure, it may go to sleep and take a while to wake up, but it'll never truly leave you.

    13. There's nothing wrong with a little superstition

    Everything in moderation keeps you sane.

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