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A Scale-Ready Life

One of the most important, and loving things you can do for your life is to love everyone and turn that love into a competitive advantage, instead of keeping it a secret.

    1. The obvious is not so obvious.

    To turn love into an advantage, you first have to know what love is. And this is where most people fail…

    Do you know why? Because most people try to go from fear to love in one single step. But it doesn’t work that way. And so you quit before the magic has a chance to happen.

    2. What is the meaning of love?

    Love has no divisions.

    Love has no separation.

    Love is not greater than or less than.

    Love knows no boundaries.

    Love has no degrees.

    Love has no levels.

    Love is your natural birthright.

    Love is freedom.
    Love is one.

    Love is what you are.

    Love is what God is.

    Anything less than what is written above -- is not love.

    3. Proof positive.

    In reality, you first have to prove to yourself that seeing innocence and love in everyone you meet works.

    Until you proved that love works for your life… you can’t start scaling the good word yet. This means, your total focus should be on that proof of concept.

    Don't rely on what I say. Have a first-hand experience that being loving to everyone you meet is the only path to peace in a world that appears to be separate.

    4. The prototype is already built - no sweat and tears required

    Seeing your brother as innocent instead of guilty is the prototype that allows the light to shine on you.

    See everyone as they truly are - sinless.

    See everyone through the eyes of love and innocence.

    This prototype is the only way out of suffering.

    5. There's only one shortcut - Forgiveness

    If you want to have peace of mind that passes all understanding - forgive.

    If happiness is an illusory experience in your life - forgive.

    If you want to experience joy in a world filled with pain - forgive.

    And here’s the best part…You'll only need to do it once to know how good love feels.

    6. Why now?

    Time is running out.

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