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A Smarter Way To Walk

This is a metaphor.

This is the cheapest way to have a good time.

This is not your typical walk.

Produces total anxiety relief.

Walking is, like, way better when it's in the present.

The new way to walk.

The more steps you take the merrier.

Mental walks count just the same.

Happiness is a simple walk.

    1. Don't walk alone. Invite her to come with you.

    2. Don't lead or follow. Walk beside him.

    3. Walk in peace.

    4. Notice the selfsame path. Many roads, One path.

    5. Notice the likeness. She's the same kind of different as you.

    6. He's as far away from you as you wish him to be. It's your choice.

    7. Make no gains that she does not make with you.

    8. Fall back if the step you take doesn't advance both of you.

    9. Take his hand in love, not anger.

    10. Unless she feels safe and cared for, your safety and care are impossible.

    11. His progress is your own progress. Without his progress, do not count your own.

    12. You're separate from her unless she's beside you - walking side by side.

    13. During the walk, forget the silly little Post-It Notes you believed to be true about him and notice his innocence. Until this moment occurs you will not recognize your own innocence.

    14. See beyond her body and personality - connect with her eternalness.

    15. Walk in perfect silence and notice how you're giving him all the meaning he has for you. Is the Frankenstein image you've created in your mind really him?

    16. Speak to her if you must but only allow loving kindness to flow from your lips.

    17. There's no need to be in a hurry, allow nature to dictate the pace of your steps.

    18. Be a witness to the environment and listen for the voiceless voice. It has something important to say to you.

    19. Tune in to the effortlessness of nature.

    20. Return home. Best walk ever.

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