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A Very Productive Day That Felt Wonderfully Lazy

There should be a German word for the sensation I felt on Monday.

    1. Hike around our block

    My wife and I took the dogs around our block this morning at around 6:30. It's not a city block, we have a loop that is about 1.5 miles that includes probably a 300 foot decline and then we climb back up on the way back.

    2. Lifted weights

    I feel productive on any day that I workout.

    3. Took care of fire department business

    One of the tasks involved street naming. New roads get cut in periodically and there is a naming process that we need to weigh in on.

    4. Emailed with a dear family friend

    Caught up with someone who has been very important in our lives.

    5. Wrote a blog post

    A fun one inspired by Def Leppard lyrics.

    6. Wrote this list

    7. Watched the college baseball world series

    I've mentioned before how much fun this event is.

    8. Learned about San Marino and its international football team

    They are lovable losers.

    9. 15 minute nap

    10. Fire Chief Association task

    I am the small/volunteer department coordinator for the county fire chiefs association. This just involves sending information out a couple of times per calendar quarter, just a coincidence that something came up today.

    11. Wildfire

    It was a lazy day until a fire started just north of here. Fortunately it was a very low risk for us. It was not our fire to run but I took a water tender (big water truck) in case they needed extra help. I staged for about an hour until I was released. I then had to do some notification stuff to the community about the fire


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