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A Very Strange Day

I've felt off all day and then it came to me, today doesn't feel like anything. You know how some days feel like a Monday or a Friday or whatever? Well today, Presidents Day, doesn't feel like any day. I got stuff done but it has felt very strange.

    1. Storm coming

    We have another 17 inches of snow coming per Wunderground from Tuesday night through Saturday. In preparation I topped of the ATV with gas, took our now empty cans to fill them up. Our road is still icy so I drove down to the pavement, took the snow chains off my Tundra for the first time in over a month, went for gas, got back, chained up again and drove up our hill.

    2. Day job stuff

    I had a fun call with a client.

    3. Did some plowing

    It's been warm for a few days which causes the ice on the road to slush up. I plowed away some of the slush so it won't freeze back up tonight. This should make plowing more effective when the storm comes.

    4. Shoveled to my office

    To get to my treehouse (of sorts) office, I go through our shed, then across a small deck. The snow from last week blocked my access but it got to a point where I could shovel it. That will be good for tomorrow until the storm comes tomorrow night.

    5. So I did get stuff done

    6. The stock market is closed

    So it doesn't feel like a weekday.

    7. But there wasn't much in the way of sports to watch

    So it doesn't feel like a weekend. I love having a game on while I read...

    8. But I didn't find too much to read today

    9. I'm glad though that I figured out how to articulate this strange feeling

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