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Actions to take to beat Depression

    1. Mantra: This too shall pass.

    2. Set a bedtime alarm. Get sleep right. Plenty but not TOO much

    3. Go for a walk, no phone

    4. Turn off notifications. Don’t interrupt your life. Guard your time.

    5. Text a friend or loved one something kind. Just that you love and are grateful for them.

    6. Flood o’ Gratitude. When you’re really down or anxious, write out your blessings by hand exhaustively.

    7. Write out a list of several things you’re looking forward to in life on the other side of the depression.

    8. Make a healthier choice. Want a soda? Get a water instead. Eat a steak instead of a cheeseburger.

    9. Treat yourself to something you enjoy. Go watch a movie for you. Get a massage. Buy concert tickets.

    10. Do an A-OK (an act of kindness) for another human being. No agenda. Nothing in return.

    11. Start morning pages. Write out a few pages by hand of what’s on your mind in the morning. Clear it out.

    12. Make your bed. Feel like you accomplished something within a minute of waking up.

    13. Write out what your depression is trying to teach you—what are the lessons from this? What do you need to change?

    14. Talk to a KIND friend about what you’re thinking and going through. It’s great if they’re smart, but much more important that they’re kind.

    15. Pray for yourself. If you’re a believer in this, it’s one of the best things you can do. Pray that you’ll feel better. Pray that you can be objective. Pray that this will pass.

    16. Do an Appreciation session. Close your eyes, breathes deeply, and think of one thing, event, time, or person who you deeply appreciate. Bring to mind the things you love about them. Think of how wonderful they are and just be grateful.

    17. Write an Idea List like this one.

    18. Drink lots and lots of clean water. Hydrate like a madman. Make sure you have optimal amounts of water.

    19. Take vitamins. A good multivitamin in the morning, and some magnesium before bedtime.

    20. Write out the things you do every day. Pick something you don’t like and stop doing it. Whether you get someone else to do it, or just see what happens if it’s not done. You’re worth that.

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