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Activities that give me energy even though they are difficult

Tomorrow I’ll do the opposite - things that sap my energy even though they physically don’t take much energy to do.

    1. Cold water swimming

    Especially in the winter. So hard to get in and stay in, but feels incredible for hours afterwards.

    2. Getting up early

    I rarely manage to actually do this because I’m a night owl, but it’s worth it when I make the effort

    3. Strength training workouts

    The only kind really do is barre classes - VERY intense ballet inspired workouts. Feel like I’m dying during and immediately after but I feel more energized over the next few days

    4. Planning my week out in advance

    Playing calendar Tetris once at the beginning of the week takes a lot of brain energy but then I feel like I can sail through the rest of the week

    5. Setting a boundary

    For example asking someone to stop doing something that’s bothering me, or saying no to something that I feel pressured to say yes to. Very difficult (for me and I think a lot of people) but feels empowering and oftentimes a relief.

    6. Pursuing minimalism and removing things from my home

    Ideally donating or finding new homes for things that I’m just not using frequently

    7. Going outside when I feel like doomscrolling

    Tearing myself away from doomscrolling is so hard. Honestly sometimes it take my phone battery dying to get me up and out of the house into the sunshine. Things always seem less doom-y once I go out.

    8. Cleaning or organizing my space

    I can never do just five minutes of cleaning - it takes so much energy for me to get started but once I start I gain energy and just keep going

    9. Planning a dog playdate

    My absolute favorite app in London is BorrowMyDoggy. We don’t have a dog, but love them and love using the app to meet our neighbors and their dogs and take them (the dogs) for walks.

    10. Writing an idea list and reaching #10

    @JamesAltucher is right - it’s easy to think of a handful of ideas on any topic, but getting to the end of 10 is really what gets the creativity juices flowing. My brain has more energy already!

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