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Advice for a recent graduate

To all recent grads - good luck on your journey through time and space.

You can't get it wrong.

    1. Become independent of the good opinion of others

    Trust your inner guidance because it's superior to any advice that you hear from others.

    2. See all situations as neutral

    You are the one who is giving meaning to any situation.

    You asked for it and you will receive what you asked for.

    3. You are responsible for what you see

    Is this what you want to see? If not, change it.

    It is irrelevant how it came to be, if it's not what you want, change it.

    4. Look in before you look out

    When you look within determine who will be your guru for your decision making - Love or Fear.

    If you choose love as your guru when you look outward, you will see witnesses for love.

    If you choose fear as your guru when you look outward, you will see witnesses for fear.

    What you want to experience in life (love or fear) you will make manifest.

    You always get what you seek because you put it there.

    5. Give up the need to blame God, society, your upbringing, or others for your lack of opportunity.

    Only you can deny yourself of anything.

    You're 100% responsible for how your life unfolds.

    Blaming must be undone or you'll find yourself locked in a prison of your own making.

    If you blame your mother, father, sister, brother - you blame yourself.

    6. The past is nothing.

    The past is nothing because the past is gone.

    Do not let "nothing" define what you are.

    No one can provide you with what you believed the past deprived you of. No one.

    7. If you withhold, it will be withheld from you.

    Seek to deprive, and you have been deprived.

    You have been gifted with everything you need.

    Share your gifts and talents with the world freely.

    8. Pray if you must but know there's only one true prayer.

    True prayer is forgetting the things you think you need and letting them go into the hands of God.

    Who could know what's best for your life other than God?

    9. Your decisions are not made alone so be mindful who you make your decisions with.

    Love or Fear

    Christ or the Anti-Christ

    God or idols

    Friends of the same feathers flock together

    Decisions cause results because they are not made in isolation

    10. You already have a guru

    Your guru will have the answer to any specific problem.

    Your guru already knows what you need and will not hurt you.

    Your guru knows what's best for all parties involved.

    Your guru will make a straight path, leaving no stones unturned.

    Your guru will help you fulfill your purpose on earth.

    All difficulties will seem to melt away.

    All that is required from you - is a little willingness to follow your guru's instructions.

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