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Advice for a recent graduate

    1. Experiment with your Curiosity

    Follow your curiosity in the projects you want to build or be a part of. It will allow you to explore with your own "enthusiasm". This, will generate all kinds of new opportunities for you in the future. Even if they are little experiments and projects, those will make you stand out from those who didn't participate in experiments.

    Plus, it allows you to be more self-fulfilled with your work.

    Something to think about.

    2. Building a "Screw You Fund"

    One thing I've realized is that having a cushion of cash - "just in case" made me way more comfortable taking calculated risks.

    Some people call this a "Screw You Fund".

    Want to quit a job you hate in the future? Since you have this fund, you can survive on your own for 6+ months and can avoid stressing about cash for a while until you find or build another source of income.

    It's been a source of peace and self-reassurance for me, anyway.

    So, when possible, every paycheque you get, take a % of it (it can be 1% or 10%) and set it aside to build your cushion for yourself.

    With your bank, you can probably set a Money Rule like that (ex: When money arrives in Account A, move 5% into Account B). It can be as simple as that without you doing it manually every time. Then, watch that fund grow!

    You can set a target too: ex: amount of cash required to live well in a month, multiply that by 3 or 6. And you have your first cushion target.

    And just think about if you can live off of 99% or 90% of your income. Is that doable? I bet it is. And over time, you'll see that cushion grow, and you can potentially outgrow your goals. You could purchase stocks or anything you want with it. (... but that might be for later)

    But just something to think about.

    3. Grass isn't Greener

    When you see others working on their projects, buying things, going places... (especially on social media where people post their highlights). There's no need to be jelous.

    Take it with a grain of salt. You don't know their financial situation. They might be in debt. They might be doing really well. But just because they buy expensive things, doesn't necessarily mean they are in a good place. I would avoid judging altogether. I would treat every person as if they are a millionaire who can unlock opportunities for you.

    At the same time, I would develop thick skin while still being kind. From what I've experienced, as long as you respect yourself and others, you can maintain a healthy balance. Everyone has their own problems underneath the surface. And if we can all be kinder to each other, I think we can elevate everyone's lives.

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