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Advice on finding the best job

    1. Write a Killer LinkedIn profile.

    point 1 can be separate idea list

    2. Join groups in social media related to your job interests

    1. Be active, engage and promote yourself. 2. Volunteer to Group initiatives 3. Participate in events/webinars that usually published in this group.

    3. Meet with Professional or join free webinars (or podcast) to learn how to write the best CVs.

    4. Learn how LinkedIn algorithm works to be included in relevant search of Job seekers

    Use specific keywords etc...

    5. Make a list of companies that you dream to work in and send them 10 ideas.

    6. Meet with collogues/friends from specific industry your interested, for a coffee and let them know you look for job.

    Some of the best jobs are not published.

    7. Have patience - Looking for a job is a Marathon and not Sprint.

    Don't accept the first offer. In the mean time learn a new skill relevant to the job.

    8. Practice for the interview, such as: record simulation, anticipate the questions and prepare outstanding answers. that they cannot ignore you!

    9. Be consistent - Block time 30min-1hr per day for job search

    10. For the GREAT Women out there, don’t apply only for Jobs with 100% Qualification :)

    Following statistic, Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them.

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