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Advice on finding the best job

About to start looking for a new job. Have used some of @JamesAltucher's ideas in the past, and they have worked. Need to make sure I use this list!

    1. Send 10 ideas about the role or how to improve the company

    Can be about how you will crush it in the role, or 10 ways to make the business better. I've done this in the past and at the very least, it has caught people's attention. One time, someone would never email/call me back, I wrote a 10 ideas list and they gave me an interview (didn't get the job, but got the foot in the door). The last time I did this, I got the job (was already interviewing, but I have to think it made me stand out a little).

    2. 10 ideas about you

    @Skwiglez had the idea to send 100 things about yourself. I like it! I might try just using a list about me instead of a cover letter (does anyone care about these?).

    3. Network

    This is #1. Every good job or opportunity I've had was fueled by a friend or someone I met. Networking is easier than ever. And almost everyone doesn't like to do it. Reach out to the hiring manager. Reach out to people already working on the team/company. Tell all friends/family what you are up to. You never know who can help you.............

    Many years ago, I really wanted an opportunity. Many years before that, someone recommended that I reach out to someone, for an unrelated reason. I, of course, did not. Years later, this was the person I needed to help me get the role I wanted, but I didn't know them as I should have...

    4. Do your HW

    Interview the company too. Don't work at a place that everyone seems to dislike. Use glassdoor or similar websites. I've disregarded the warning signs on 2 companies and both times glassdoor was right. One time I didn't really have a choice and I'm glad I took the role, but the 2nd time I made a mistake.

    5. Don't have any loyalty

    Unless you are actually related to someone there, they are not "your family." I've used this move in the past as a business owner and it's just not true. It's disingenuous and a company will drop you in 2 seconds flat. You should do the same.

    What company has no employee turnover? Only one I'm aware of is Gravity Payments, that's the company that was led by Dan Price, the guy who gave every employee a minimum of 70k salary a few years ago (he had just upped this amount to 80k recently). Dan also recently resigned due to allegations of sexual assault. There is no loyalty and the one company it seems there was loyalty, the CEO is potentially a sexual predator...


    Even some of the companies that pay the best wages (Big Tech) have already been caught colluding to suppress wages. Don't listen to a word they are saying. Just like politicians.


    Don't plan on staying more than 2 years. If everything is great, ok, but even then, test the waters.

    6. Don't just hit submit

    If you just send in a resume to a website or Indeed, there's a 99% chance you won't get the job. In most listed roles, they already have someone in mind, or they will lean towards someone who was referred. I have gotten a job this way, but I was overqualified and the company sucked.

    7. Work for yourself

    If you just send in a resume to a website or Indeed, there's a 98% chance you won't get the job. In most listed roles, they already have someone in mind, or they will lean towards someone who was referred.

    8. Stand Out

    Ideally, you wouldn't need to work for someone. I actually found that having my own business was great in some ways, but it's stressful in others. Steve Ballmer didn't start Microsoft, but he is still the NBA's richest owner. You can sometimes make more money working for someone else. And it is easier. And you can leave whenever you want. Just make sure you aren't relying solely on the company for your financial well-being. Plan for rainy days/weeks/months/years.

    9. Have fun

    I've never done this but going to try the next time.

    10. Don't be desperate

    Whenever you NEED something, people can tell. So, if you do really need a job, practice acting like you don't.

    11. Ask for more

    If you get the offer, see if they can up it a bit. Every time I've asked for more, I got something.

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