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Advice on finding the best job

I assume you know what you're looking for, including the type of people you want to work with, the type of managers you want to work for, the type of company mission, the type of culture you want to work in and grow in, and the kind of community you wish to participate in.

If not, then I would start from there. It is hard to find the best if you do not know what the best looks like ;)

It also depends on where in the search process you are. Are you a new grad? Already have a job? Unemployed?

I will try to be generic.

    1. Prepare

    Not for the job, but to know what you want. You can answer some of the points raised above in your journal.

    2. Your CV should tell a coherent story

    Make sure your CV is up to date and reflects where you are going, not only what you have been doing. Update your LinkedIn as well.

    3. Know your competitive advantage

    What are you bringing to the table? What skills do you have that are unique? Expertise? Experience? Network? etc.

    4. Do the work already

    If you want to work at Google as a developer, then contribute to their open source projects. Join stack overflow. You need to convince your "best" employer that you are valuable.

    5. Know your Ikegai

    What you are good at, what you love, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for.

    6. Prepare some more

    You probably have filtered jobs and companies based on the journaling session. Put them in order, and build a strategy to know if they have openings. Practicing with companies you are least interested in is a good idea. Start from there.

    7. Know where you are going for the next 3 years, but be flexible

    You will be miserable at a role you dont like. Define the role you want but be flexible. Sometimes you may be asked to do more than the job description. You need to know if you will be fine with that.

    8. Learn about the companies

    Their mission, culture, etc. Many companies have blogs, conferences, hackathons, meetups, open campuses, etc. Try joining these events, ask questions, etc.

    9. Be the person that your future best company would want to hire

    10. Build the best company that you want to work for

    You can always be a solo entrepreneur or build a company you wish to work for. It is hard but rewarding.

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