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After Many Deliberations and a Strict Set of Criteria....

I Present to You the 10 Best Things I've Learned in 2022

    1. I've learned that laughter is an elixir for the soul.

    I laugh every day.

    I laugh for no particular reason at all.

    I laugh when things are funny to me.

    I laugh to induce love.

    I laugh because everything is laughable.

    2. I learned to place people over money.

    The relationships I have with people are priceless. All People.

    If money had legs it would be pacing waiting for someone to claim it.

    Money is easy to get and in it's in abundance.

    3. I learned how and what I think keeps life happy, interesting, and wise.

    My body follows my mind not the other way around.

    My body is a communication device, nothing more or less.

    Cultivating how I think is numero uno.

    4. I learned that everybody is doing the best they can given the tools they're currently working with.

    I see everyone I meet as innocent.

    I forgive quickly and often.

    I have compassion for my brothers and sisters.

    I leave placesĀ better off than when I arrived.

    I don't proselytize to people because I know everyone will find their own way.

    5. I've learned to cultivate my own garden.

    I can control what grows in my garden.

    I endeavor to be the change I wish to see in the world.

    6. I've learned that it's impossible to remain in darkness forever.

    Darkness is always coupled with light if I would but turn around and look.

    Being in darkness is a stepping stone for coming into the Light.

    What light exists at this moment is the most pressing question in a time of darkness.

    7. I've learned that being creative daily is my connection to the Divine.

    The Universe is always expanding and so am I.

    8. I've learned to be in the flow of the Universe.

    Sometimes going fast invites me to slow down.

    Sometimes going slow invites me to speed it up a bit.

    I ride the wave that presents itself to me.

    9. I've learned that I can do more with less.

    Work is never about working harder.

    Work is not about working smarter.

    Work/Play is about being in the flow.

    Work/Play is about listening for divine guidance.

    Work/Play is about discovering that I already have everything I need and there's nothing I have to do.

    10. I learned that oat milk tastes at good as it sounds. (especially with the world's strongest coffee)


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